Where to watch the anime Akasha’s Chronicles of the Bastard Magic Instructor: details of the broadcast have been studied

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, released in March 2016 by Liden Films, was an adaptation of a series of Japanese light novels written by Tar Hitsuji and drawn by Kurone Mishima.

The world of the fantasy series is full of magic, humor, action and a small number of fan services. Glenn Rader and Sistine Fibel’s experience at the Imperial Academy of Magic in Alzano deserves a second look in a world filled with anime content.

The Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime is currently Watching on two popular platforms.

Fans can watch The Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor on Crunchyroll. Anime can be watched both in subtitles and in a dubbed version. The average score of the program is 4.61 points.

If fans prefer to explore other streaming platforms, they can try Funimation Now. To subscribe to such platforms, you need to pay a certain amount of money, and the price also depends on the country of the subscriber.

In addition, you can find the series for purchase or download on Apple TV, Google Play Movies and Amazon Video. The anime has 12 episodes lasting 24 minutes.

There is no legal way for fans to view or download Akasha Bastard Magic Instructor Recordings for free. Fans can watch it on unauthorized websites, but we do not support piracy because it damages the production of the series.

What to expect from a Bastard Magic Instructor from the Akasha Chronicles anime

The Imperial Academy of Magic, one of the most prestigious magic academies in the world, is located in the Kingdom of Alzano. Here young novice wizards are trained to become experienced wizards. Sistine Fibel, a strict noble girl, and Rumia Tingel, her most beloved light-eyed friend, enter the academy in order to hone their magical skills.

When his beloved instructor suddenly retires and is replaced by Glenn’s mysterious radars, his life is turned upside down. His relaxed and detached view of life and magic quickly leads to the fact that he loses the favor of his peers. They don’t know that he is a former assassin from the Imperial Court’s Court Mage Corps, suffering from acute depression and hiding his abilities.

Glenn left the Imperial Court Mage Corps when the official assignment went awry.

Soon, a former instructor attacks the school, and Glenn Radars is forced to show his true abilities. Sistine feels confused because she thought he was an unqualified fraudster.

Over time, Glenn’s students bring him out of depression, and he finds meaning in teaching.

In addition, the evil forces slumbering outside the gates of the empire begin to awaken, and Sistine, Rumia and Glenn find themselves drawn into their plans.

Final thoughts

Fans will love the magical, fun and action-packed Akasha recordings from Bastard Magic Instructor for their compelling cast of characters and beautiful setting.

Despite the success of the first season, the release date of the anime has not yet been set, which makes fans look forward to new fantastic journeys.

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