Where To Watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 5: Release Date, Trailer and more

Daryl Dixon, a spin-off series of the hit the Walking Dead, tells the story of the character of Norman Reedus. In this fiction, the zombie apocalypse is still in effect, but this time in France. In the new and penultimate episode, Daryl will try to safely return Laurent to the nest; however, none of this will be easy, since someone will try to avoid him at all costs to kill himself. Will the crossbow hunter be able to leave France and join the United States?

In the following note, we will give you all the details about the premiere of the fifth episode of the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and therefore we are following exactly the end of the first season.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Episode 5 Release Date

When will Episode 5 of the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon be released?

The new episode of Daryl Dixon will air on Sunday, October 8th.October 2023, aired. This series is the fifth spin-off of the Walking Dead series and will be broadcast in the USA (Pacific time) from 18: 00 . If you are in a Latin American country or Spain, here are more schedules for reference:

  • Mexico: 19: 00
  • United States (Central Time): 20: 00
  • Peru: 20: 00 o’clock
  • Colombia: 20: 00 hrs
  • United States (Eastern time): 21: 00
  • Chile: 22: 00
  • Argentina: 22: 00
  • Spain: 3: 00 am (the next day).

Watch The Trailer For The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 5

Where to watch the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 5 Online?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon can be seen ONLINE through the AMC+ streaming platform, where you can also find previous episodes of the series. It is important to explain that this service is not “available” for any Latin American country

How to watch Episode 5 of the Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Online for FREE?

However, if you want to watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon online and for FREE, you can access sites like Cuevana, PelisPlus and others that all have chapters on their platforms. However, since these are pages dedicated to the unauthorized distribution of audiovisual material, you must access them at your own risk.

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