Why pregnant Jessie James Decker Definitely Done Having Babies After Giving Birth to Baby 4

Jessie James Decker felt that a fourth child was at stake for her and Eric Decker, and jokes about a vasectomy convinced her of that. The singer and cookbook author told E! The news is a delightful family update.

Jesse James Decker certainly tempted fate by shooting an entire commercial about her husband Eric Decker, who has yet to undergo a vasectomy.

It was Ryan Reynolds’ campaign for Aviation Gin, in which Jessie prepared a cocktail named after the procedure (so simple, she considered the recipe), but the singer did not know that fate would laugh last.

We weren’t pregnant yet, Jessie told E! News in an exclusive interview, referring to when they filmed the commercial earlier this year. Ryan was telling us that [he and Blake Lively] had just had another baby. And the kids laughed at the fact that Eric hadn’t had a vasectomy yet, and I just sat there and talked: “No,” I don’t know…”

And added: It’s ridiculous to think that in just a few weeks I was going to get pregnant.

Jessie recalled that they found out they were expecting baby #4 shortly before their tenth wedding anniversary on June 22. And while she and Eric were planning an adult-only romantic vacation to Mexico to celebrate, the mother of their daughter Vivianna, 9, and sons Eric Jr., 8, and Forrest, 5, continued: She was so excited and excited. And when I felt family love, I thought: “Let’s change the subject and take the kids with us.”

So they booked a completely different vacation, and it was really special to spend it with the babies, Jessie said, because we’re having another baby soon, and this is a very familiar thing to us.

And although she said that the fourth was a surprise, the 35-year-old woman had a feeling that one day her children would have another brother or sister.

We couldn’t be more excited, Jessie continued. Despite the fact that I was given a C, I am a very intuitive person, and I have it.

Why pregnant Jessie James Decker Definitely Done Having Babies After Giving Birth to Baby 4

But as soon as a new baby is born, the family will be complete, as far as it concerns her.

We’re done, Jessie said. We’re definitely not going to the fifth. Although he always knew they would have a quarter, he added: I don’t see fives in the cards. I’ve always felt fourth, so it makes sense.

And no matter how many people are sitting at your table, on low or high chairs, the author of Just Eat: more than 100 simple and delicious recipes that taste like at home, always has food for a small army at hand.

As for my cooking, let’s get down to business,” Jessie explained about her latest available repertoire of recipes, which is a continuation of her first cookbook, “Just Feed Me.” I’m not a chef, I never pretend to be, I’m a home cook, and everything I’ve ever cooked was taught to me by my mother, grandmother, or I was self-taught.

While yumfest (and we mean not just Eric’s promotional photo on NSWF) includes everything from Monkey Bread in all its sweet and sticky beauty to the lobster risotto she cooked at a friend’s with a limited pantry (It was like a scene from an episode of the TV series). Sliced), Jessie also made sure that her children were presented at a presentation that would otherwise be ideal for family viewing.

Forrest wants pasta every day, he shared, while Eric Jr. is a salad lover; I know he’s 8 years old. And Vivianne, a very serious gymnast, according to Jesse, added her favorite strawberry smoothie recipe to the mix.

As for the fact that her husband revised the concept of hard-selling tactics, Jessie said that, of course, it was her idea for Eric to strip naked to talk about Just Eat.

He’s so handsome, she explained of the 36-year-old retired footballer, and he’s also very calm. It’s just quiet. He doesn’t care about much, he doesn’t care. That’s why he sometimes accompanies me. Silly little ideas when he just laughs and I say, “Hold the book!”

Let’s just say that “delicious” is a word that should not always refer to food in the Decker house.

However, with that said, there are obviously a lot of events in the kitchen throughout the year. And as the cozy season approaches, Jessie is looking forward to the holidays and everything related to food. According to Jessie, they will probably go to another family member’s house for Thanksgiving, but she likes to do her best for Christmas and cook a dozen meals alone.

I’m very excited,” he said pompously. This is my favorite time of the year. And especially now I can nest, hibernate, eat and just get ready.

She noticed that while Jessie was beginning to feel the kicks and kicks, the child was not yet banging his fists on the outside world. Nevertheless, all the children tried to put their hands to this place, for example: “Is the child already moving?” – the singer shared. It was really cute.

They know the sex of child No. 4 and have chosen a name, she said: Everyone is happy, we all agreed with this, so we roll and roll.

But while it made sense to reach a family consensus on the name of this new person, Jessie had long ago come to the conclusion that the only thing that mattered were the opinions coming from inside the house.

We are so normal, and our children are so healthy, happy and wonderful, that it would be stupid if I ever got mad at something,” she said about ignoring critics of parenting (that is, complete strangers) who tend to swarm around celebrity moms. online. We’re fine, so I’m not worried.

Besides, he added, people will always talk; it’s social media. And I have too much to do to think about it or worry about it. I have children to take care of.

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