Wilf Webster Dishes on Post-Traitors Connections and Teases Season 2 Surprises

In the dynamic world of reality television, Traitors’ standout Wilf Webster recently spilled the beans on his continued ties with fellow contestants from the inaugural season. Renowned for his strategic gameplay that kept viewers on the edge, Wilf assures fans that off-screen, there are no lingering animosities with the allies and adversaries he encountered during the intense BBC One competition.

Reflecting on the enduring connections he maintains, Wilf shared exclusive insights with Digital Spy one year after the first season gripped audiences. Despite the cutthroat nature of the game, Wilf emphasized the camaraderie that persists among the Traitors’ contestants. “I speak to near enough all of them,” he affirmed, offering a glimpse into the diverse trajectories his co-stars have taken.

Hannah Byczkowski, one of the victorious champions, has carved a niche in the comedy scene with her popular Ghost Huns podcast. While geographical distances limit face-to-face meetups, Wilf expressed that they stay in touch. “We don’t meet up that much as she’s traveling a lot,” he shared, shedding light on the dynamic nature of their post-show interactions.

Another noteworthy connection Wilf highlighted is with fellow Traitor Amanda, who, according to him, is “literally here, there, and everywhere” while residing in Wales. Despite the logistical challenges, the duo maintains regular communication, a testament to the enduring bonds forged during their time on the show.

However, it’s Wilf’s rapport with Tom that takes center stage in his post-Traitors narrative. Describing Tom as “really cool” and “supportive,” Wilf revealed that they frequently engage in conversations, with Tom extending his assistance to Wilf in the realm of social media and content production. This alliance underscores the meaningful relationships that extend beyond the televised drama, offering a glimpse into the supportive network that has emerged from the Traitors experience.

Looking ahead to the imminent launch of Traitors’ second season on BBC One, Wilf tantalizingly teased that viewers can expect some twists to the familiar format. “It’s not going to be exactly as you’ve just seen on season one,” he hinted, acknowledging the audience’s desire for fresh and unexpected elements. With anticipation building, fans are poised for a rollercoaster ride of suspense, strategic maneuvers, and, undoubtedly, more unexpected connections among the contestants.


Wilf Webster’s revelations about his continued connections with Traitors’ co-stars provide a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lasting bonds formed during and after the intense reality competition. As the countdown to the second season begins, viewers can’t help but speculate on the nature of the impending twists that will add new dimensions to the gripping Traitors’ saga. Stay tuned for more exclusive updates as Traitors Season 2 unfolds its surprises.


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