Woody Allen Says His Possible Next Movie is “One of the Best Ideas I’ve Ever Had”

Woody Allen continues to do advertising rounds all over Europe, he comes from a successful screening of” Coup de Chance ” in Venice.

The last stop is Barcelona, and Allen does the usual in these interviews, saying again that of the fifty films he made, he shot only 10 good ones. He once again mentions the five that he is most proud of: “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, “Match Point”, “Bullets Over Broadway”, “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and “Midnight in Paris”.

It also does not seem that he will retire in the foreseeable future, that is, if he can get financing for his next film, which will probably come from European money. He has a “great idea” for a film set in New York:

“This particular story takes place in New York. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. But I also have other ideas. There are some ideas that you can have only in some cities. But there are also other ideas that are very easy to transfer.”

Allen reiterates that “someone has to come to offer the money for it. I will continue to make films as long as someone wants to finance the films.”

“Coup de Chance” currently has no distribution in the United States and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. I can’t imagine anyone playing in this movie. The best scenario is that this one will suddenly appear on VOD next year.

A Franco-British co-production, “Coup de Chance”, will be released in French cinemas at the end of September and will be released in cinemas across Europe shortly thereafter. The film follows a love triangle after a Parisian woman accidentally meets an old classmate and gets her happy married life off the rails.

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