X Works On Subscriptions to Remove ADS 2023

Do you like The x Premium subscription? It looks like there will be new levels and new features such as the complete elimination of ads.

In case you don’t remember, Twitter has changed its name to x and its logo, heralding a new era in this social network. But not only the name has changed the new network of Elon Musk, as updates and new features have been released from time to time , although many do not appeal to users.

What is planned now? It looks like X wants to expand and improve X’s premium and paid service, with a new tiered system and the ability to remove ads for those who want to pay.

The new x-level system and the removal of ads

Not sure what the x Premium system is exactly? This was formerly known as Twitter Blue, one of the last major updates to the bird logo. Users who pay for this service have exclusive features such as a button for editing text, uploading longer videos and a monetization system.

Several people found this a little unfair, since it was mentioned in the fine print that paying for this subscription would lead to a better reach of the network . In addition, current x Premium subscription holders may see fewer ads in the timeline, but it looks like this will be one of the new features that Musk wants to improve, albeit possibly with a much higher price.

X user Aaronp613 has announced that the latest X update includes code that reveals the existence of three new tiers of x Premium: Basic, Standard and more:

  • With Basic, users continue to see ads regularly when they use X.
  • With the default level, X displays fewer ads.
  • The plus level removes ads completely.

Currently, the x Premium subscription has a price of 8 euros per month or 84 euros per year, although it can go up if you subscribe to it through the AppStore or the Google Play Store. This is only a first reveal, so we do not know the prices that all subscription levels can have and the other news that will be available.

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