‘You are me’: Who is Armando in real life, Gloria Trevis’s husband?

A few days before the finale of the Suelto artist bioseries on VIX and on open television, a character attracted the attention of viewers because she had an important participation in the singer’s launch. It is Gloria Trevi’s husband to find out who the real Armando is from ‘you are me’.

He abused a long list of singers and dancers to support the singer . Although most of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the victims, even the former producer is represented with the role of Cofensar Santiago with Jorge Poza.

Armando is played on his young stage in the series ‘Ellas soy yo’ by SebastiAn Fouilloux (as the saying goes and the stepmother); while the adult version is played by actor and singer Eduardo Capetillo , former Timbiriche, co-star of Alcanzar una Estrella and Marimar.

Eduardo Capetillo has been married to Biby GaytAn for almost 30 years and they are the parents of 5 children, including Eduardo Capetillo Jr., Finalist of MasterChef Celebrity 2023.

Who is Armando from the Gloria Trevi series in real life?

The character of Armando is based on the real life of Armando Ismael Gomez Mart7, the full name of Gloria Trevis’s husband. Lawyer married to the singer Zapatos Viejos for 14 years.

Gloria Trevi and Armando Gomez met when she was in prison and was accused of kidnapping and mistreatment. They got married in 2009. The couple has a 17-year-old son named Miguel Armando. Gomez also behaved like the real father of Angel Gabriel, the son the singer had in prison.

Armando Gomez is the representative of Gloria Trevi and they are also partners of several US-based companies. Recently, Gloria Trevi and her husband Armando Gomez were reported to the Prosecutor General’s Office for money laundering and tax fraud; since, according to the newspaper Reforma, the singer would have received a deposit of 7 million 112 thousand 336 pesos from the company Fuego con Fuego Representaciones SA de CV, but would not have paid the corresponding taxes. Your case will be investigated and you will have to appear before the authorities.

Although this is not the first time that Armando has been involved in legal conflicts, in 1999 he was arrested by the US authorities for trying to transfer $ 410, 000 to Mexico without explanation. He also sued entertainment journalist Pati Chapoy for libel against Gloria Trevi.

When will the series You are me end?

On October 20, the last 5 chapters of the series will premiere on VIX, which promises to reveal even more secrets and sensitive topics that Gloria Trevi has not wanted to confess so far. On TV, it will end about a month later, so you still have time to get acquainted with the whole story of the star and the controversies in which she was involved.

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