Zendaya Copies Naomi Campbell And Recreates Her Most Iconic Pose With A Top That Is Still A Trend

The actress once again conquered Paris with a simple and at the same time unique look, because he was already worn in the top 90s.

We are not surprised by Zendaya. The actress has become the role model for a great look for herself and for her stylist and friend Law Roach. It’s more than clear that red carpets are her thing and that’s what she showed us at the Met Gala, the Oscars and the various film premieres she watches. However, in the end, she is also the best dressed and the one who definitely catches the most flashes when she comes to an event, even if this is the fashion week of the day.

Although yesterday she had an impressive style with a white Louis Vuitton dress, in which she looked like an authentic Greek goddess, today, as you can imagine, she was not left behind.

Zendaya reappeared in Paris to continue supporting the French brand, of which she is the ambassador, and what could be better than resorting to an iconic and unique moment for Louis Vuitton: the spring / summer show in 2004, when Marc Jacobs was still at the helm of the house.


In addition, the actress posed with fun and with the same extra-long hair that we saw her yesterday – in front of the camera Law Roachs, who finally shared on his Instagram the images of Zendaya recreating one of the most famous campaigns of Naomi Campbell, in which the 90s top appears with the golden short-sleeved blouse that we saw on the catwalk 19 years ago and which is still a trend today, but also the monogram pocket model has been added to the look. multicolored, Theda GM.

Of course, the protagonist of Euphoria has decided to put aside the daring combination of the campaign in which this beautiful blouse is combined with a pair of panties and bring the look into the real world by wearing it with jeans and white high heels that perfectly match the rest of the style.

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