A new city is to be built on 512 hectares, 110 farmers are ready to donate land

The Development Authority of Jhansi has already made preparations for the purchase of land. 110 Peasants agreed to cede land to the new city. Preparations are being made to found a new city on 512 hectares. The land is taken from the peasants by Karari and Rudra Karari.

The Development Authority of Jhansi is already preparing the purchase of land for a new city, which will be built in 3 villages near the metropolis. 110 Farmers from around Karari and Karari agreed to the cession of land, while the process of taking land was also initiated in Ambabay.

Preparations are underway for the foundation of a new city

The Development Authority of Jhansi has made preparations for the establishment of a new city in Ambabay, Around Karari and Karari. A city with all facilities is being built here on 512 hectares. In it, shopping centers, schools, religious sites, parks and other facilities are served in one place. To this end, measures are being taken to acquire land from farmers. The JDA organized camps in these villages and obtained the consent of the peasants. It was said that in Approximately Karari and Karari 139 peasant land was identified, of which 110 peasants gave their written consent. Other farmers will also be contacted. On the other hand, the process of land acquisition in Ambabay was also started.

110 Farmers are ready to donate land

Upma Pandey, secretary of the Development Authority of Jhansi, gave information that 110 farmers from Around Karari, village Karari, have agreed to cede land for the construction of the new city. The registration process for these countries will start in a week.

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