Aaron Rodgers is scheduled to attend the Jets’ “Sunday Night Football” game against the Chiefs

Aaron Rodgers has been in the spirit of the New York Jets for the most part since his Hamstring tear, but that’s changing this weekend.

The four-time MVP, who is likely out for the season, attended a Jets staff meeting at the team hotel on Saturday and will be in attendance at the “Sunday Night Football” Game against Kansas-City Chiefs, according to Zaka Rosenblatt from The Athletic.

Perhaps he is not the most famous spectator at MetLife Stadium, as the game is also expected to be visited by Taylor Swift, who is reportedly meeting with Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon in four games during the Jets’ week 1 opener and underwent a groundbreaking surgery on September 13. According to ESPN, he has spent the time since the surgery near his home in the Los Angeles area, where his surgeon Dr. Neal ElAttrache is also based. He reportedly told the team a week ago that he could return for Sunday’s game but needed a medical clearance to fly to New York. He apparently understood.

Rodgers can walk on crutches, but he is not expected to remain on the Jets’ sideline for safety reasons. He’ll watch the game in a private box, but Jets coaches are apparently still hoping he’ll give backup Zach Wilson a boost.

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