Schwarzenegger and DeVito: A Heartwarming Reunion and the Elusive Sequel

In a heartwarming blast from the past, iconic actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito recently shared a sweet reunion, marking 35 years since their unforgettable collaboration in the 1988 comedy classic, “Twins.” The film, which featured the unlikely pairing of the action star and the genre legend, quickly became a cult classic and a standout project in both Schwarzenegger’s and DeVito’s illustrious careers.

The Reunion

Schwarzenegger took to his Instagram page to share the touching moment, posting a photo of himself standing with DeVito and DeVito’s daughter, Lucy. The image not only captured the camaraderie between the two actors but also highlighted the noticeable height difference that played a pivotal role in the plot of “Twins.”

In the caption, Schwarzenegger affectionately referred to DeVito as “My brother!” and commended him for his recent Broadway role. The post concluded with a hopeful note from Schwarzenegger, expressing eagerness to collaborate again in the future.

The Legacy of “Twins

Released over three decades ago, “Twins” continues to be remembered as a cinematic gem. The enduring popularity of the film led to the announcement of a sequel, initially titled “Twins 2” in 2012. However, the sequel’s development faced significant delays, raising questions about its future.

The Birth of “Triplets

Nine years after the initial announcement, in 2021, it was revealed that the sequel had undergone a transformation and was now titled “Triplets.” The script had seen slow progress, but the casting of Tracy Morgan as a third brother added a fresh dynamic to the anticipated project.

Challenges and Setbacks

Despite the promising developments, the fate of “Triplets” faced challenges with the untimely passing of the original “Twins” director, Ivan Reitman, in 2021. The absence of this key figure left the sequel in a state of uncertainty. While Schwarzenegger expressed optimism about the project’s continuation, comments from Reitman’s son, Jason Reitman, suggested a potential shift in plans.

The Road Ahead

As of 2022, the concrete details about the progress of “Triplets” remain elusive. Schwarzenegger’s commitment to moving forward with the project, even in the absence of Ivan Reitman, contrasts with the uncertainty implied by Jason Reitman’s statements. Fans of the iconic trio anxiously await news about the fate of the long-awaited sequel, hoping for a resolution that pays homage to the legacy of “Twins.”


The reunion between Schwarzenegger and DeVito serves as a heartwarming reminder of the enduring connections forged in the world of entertainment. While the sequel’s future hangs in the balance, the nostalgia evoked by their reunion and the anticipation surrounding “Triplets” only add to the intrigue of this Hollywood tale, leaving fans eager for the next chapter in the Schwarzenegger-DeVito cinematic journey.

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